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Broadcast Solutions

Kami memberikan layanan solusi untuk  Bisnis Radio FM / AM  sebagai Konsultan dan menyediaaan  Hardware dan Software mulai dari studio On Air , Produksi , Music Director , Recording , SMS Gateway ,Traffic , Finance , Sales.


The most reliable version of Simian ever is now publicly released after 224-days on non-stop, error-free operation!

Simianfully featured, cost-effective radio automation and
computer playout system for radio broadcasting and Internet Webcasting.

Customer Comment: Just wanted to say that Simian is ROCK SOLID!! I'm asking it to do a hell of a lot and it hasn't let me down once.

  • Full Automation or Live Assist
  • Triple-overlap Segues
  • Automatic Weather and Time announcements
  • Voice-Track Editor built-in
  • Background Recording
  • Supports GPI/O Devices
  • Dynamic HTML Web Page
  • Exports track data for RBDS/RDS/DAB
  • Touch-screen capable
  • Multiple HotKey Sets
  • Easy Satellite Integration
  • Very easy to use
  • Imports and Merges Traffic & Music Logs from virtually any scheduling system.

the power of the Windows environment to give you many of the
advanced features of the "super expensive" radio automation systems, but an
an affordable buy-out price.

The program is supplied with a companion SoundHound utility that automatically
updates the database in virtually real-time; an Info Editor tool allowing you
to embed information right-into audio files; and a new GET WEATHER application
allowing you to retrieve and display headline weather information for US Zip
Codes or International Weather stations in either degrees C or F.

There's a built in voice-track editor, time and temperature announcements (with the option to use multiple voices);
forward sell music by playing song hooks only) and dyanmic HTML page generation (with built-in FTP Macros to
send / receive files).

Customer Comment: Great software and Support

Continuous telephone, email and remote access Support and Training are available through a
range of Technical Care Plans

Simian is very easy to use with an intuitive touchscreen compatible interface designed in-house and
with feedback from broadcasters around the world.

Using fully Windows Compliant audio cards (others will work, but won't support all of Simian's
features) Simian will playback Linear PCM, MPEG Layer 2, MP3 or ADPCM audio files. We recommend
using Linear PCM files for the highest quality and AudioScience 'built for broadcast' Sound Cards.

uses a companion utility, SoundHound, to monitor your audio folders. Just place a new file
in a monitored folder and within a few moments, Simian is ready to play it. As Aritst, Title, Intro
and Segue Times are embedded within the audio file itself, there's no outside database to get

file tagging utility Info Editor also allows you to store more information inside the audio file
including comments, advertising copy, a URL for ecommerce, 'Kill Dates', and valid 'Time Windows'.

it  will run entirely automated, as a poweful live-assist tool, or for time-shifting programs. In automation mode
(satellite or hard drive), it  will run unattended for months at a time [current bsi in-house test has been running for 225 days
using the same professionally custom configured Dell GX620 workstations we build for customers.]

In live assist, the operator can easily make changes to the program log, even while Simian
is playing! The operator can also edit the log for a completely different time of day, without
interrupting Simian operation or (if hardware permits) record Voice-Tracks for a later part of the

For light-use such as sustaining services or web casting, you can utilize the optional multi-session version of Simian
allowing you to run several instances of the program at the same time, all doing different things! The multi-instance version
is perfect for spot substitution or split breaks / commercials etc.

Simian easily interfaces with your satellite receiver for satellite automation - using the optional BSI
Trigger Kit or a variety of third-party hardare devices. Whether you're looking to pass-through
or record a file for later playback (or both!), Simian can do it.

Simian can import program log data from virtually any traffic management or music scheduling
system. - including Natural Log, Natural Music, CBSI / Wicks, Selector, Marketron, Power Gold etc.

Simian provides comprehensive Event Logs that can be reconciled by most professional Scheduling

System Requirements

For peace of mind, we strongly suggest that you consider a fully configured system direct from
BSI that is ready to operate out of the box (we can even pre-load a Music Library from our
MusicStore for you).
While Simian uses no proprietary hardware, just an ordinary Microsoft Windows XP Professional® equipped PC, it is
very important to have off-the-shelf machines optimized professionally for multimedia performance. Purchasing a complete
system of hardware and software from BSI means that you benefit from our years of in-house expertise as we
carefully select hardware components and then custom configure all the computers we sell for reliable and robust
multimedia playout. These machines are then configured for your own station - just wire the machines together, connect
the audio cables and you're on the air (we can even pre-load music and generate a playlist for you too!)
These systems are built using Dell computers and include a 3-year On-Site Warranty; or we can
customize a 19" Rack Mounted solution for you.
Our recommended platorm is:
  • Dell Optiplex 745 Mid-Tower Computer configured with an Operating System Drive and SATA large storage drive for audio files. (a 250Gb hard drive will store 5,000+ songs in Linear
    PCM format).
  • Pentium 4 3.4 Ghz or better
  • 512Mb RAM (1Gb or more recommended which will allow paging file to be disabled)
  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Professional AudioScience Audio Card with four playback devices and hardware mixer
    controls and metering - plus decoding of MPEG Layer 2, or MP3 audio on the audio card.
  • 17" monitor running 1024 x 768 resolution

this will run on lesser configurations, this is a good known stable platform that will run
for extended periods of time without human intervention.

If you are sourcing your own computers & hardware, please ensure that all the hardware is
fully compatible with the motherboard - and pay particular attention to memory and cooling.

We have put together a list of some of the major pitfalls to avoid:

  • Any server based operating system (including Windows 2003)
  • Windows Vista - Though it is currently undergoing testing by BSI, it is not supported as many hardware vendors have not yet have released Vista certified drivers. Once Vista has been certified by BSI this specification will be updated.
  • Celeron or AMD Processors (or emulated PCs) - use Genuine Pentium 4 CPUs.
  • RAID / SCSI / - use SATA for best performance
  • 'Cheap' Memory - make sure you use a brand recommended by your motherboard manufacturer.
  • Flimsy, thin cases with little RF shielding
  • Consumer Grade Audio Cards - almost always lack the features required for some of Simian's
    advanced operations.

We also recommend that for music-on-hard-drive stations, two PCs be used... one for air,
the other for production. While it's fine to do log-building and other Simian functions on the air
machine, it is usually not a good idea to edit music files and do other resource-consuming tasks
while broadcasting.

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