About Us

VIACOMM is a company that specifies its business on Broadcasting, Network Integrated, Web Hosting, Web development, mobile applications, outsourcing companies providing E-Commerce Solutions, SMS Engine, Content Management Systems.

Starting from the planning, implementation, installation and preparation of human resources.

Website Design Templates, Open Source Script integration such as Joomla, OsCommerce, Wordpress, PHP-BB, Mambo, Drupal, PHP-Nuke and other applications based on the PHP-HTML Program, and the implementation of Information and Communication Systems for various Businesses.

Domiciled in Jakarta,

VIA COMMUNICATIONS wants to be part of the process of developing Information Technology (IT) in Indonesia in an efficient, quality and affordable manner.
VIA COMMUNICATIONS is a company that always strives to create innovative ideas while maintaining its trademark without reducing the satisfaction of its customers.
The VIA COMMUNICATIONS creative team tries to be always open in every communication with the clients, giving consideration to the concepts that they want to build and as much as possible provide alternative solutions to a problem. In this case VIA COMMUNICATIONS wants to position itself as a partner of trusted friends of clients.

We will provide solutions to your business,

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